Colorado Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP)

The Agricultural Act of 2014 (enacted on February 7, 2014) repealed the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP). NRCS will continue to support existing active WHIP contracts entered into prior to passage of the Agricultural Act of 2014, using the rules and policy in effect at the time of contract obligations.

Portions of the WHIP Statute were rolled into the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Anyone still interested in applying for wildlife projects in programs should go to the EQIP web page.

**Now Apply under EQIP**

The Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP) was a voluntary program for conservation-minded landowners who want to develop and improve wildlife habitat on agricultural land, nonindustrial private forest land, and Indian land. Adminstered by the NRCS, WHIP provided technical and cost-share assistance to improve fish and wildlife habitat. It was not reauthorized in the 2014 Farm Bill, but interested applicants can apply under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Working Lands for Wildlife.

2012 Working Lands for Wildlife

Working Lands for Wildlife is a partnership between NRCS and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to use agency technical expertise and financial assistance to combat the decline of specific wildlife species whose decline can be reversed and will benefit other species with similar habitat needs.

Through Working Lands for Wildlife landowners can voluntarily participate in the following efforts;

  • Restore populations of declining wildlife species
  • Provide farmers, ranchers, and forest managers with regulatory certainty that conservation investments they make today help sustain their operations over the long term.
  • Strengthen and sustain rural economies by restoring and protecting the productive capacity of working lands.

Species Selection Criteria

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Colorado WHIP Alternate Contact
Jodi Hastings
Resource Conservationist
Denver Federal Center
Building 56, Room 2604
PO Box 25426
Denver, CO 80225-0426
Phone: 720.544.2821

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Dawn Jackson
NRCS Colorado Assistant State Conservationist
Denver Federal Center Building 56, Room 2604
PO Box 25426
Denver, CO  80225-0426
Phone: (720) 544-2805

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