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For nearly 25 years, the Dorothy Marcille Wood Foundation has offered support, guidance and land use solutions to charitable organizations in Texas. A 501(c)3 non-profit foundation, we grant services, plus some funds by invitation, to promote an end goal of conserving imperiled species habitat in North and West Texas. Unique in our commitment to multiple outcomes, the D.M. Wood Foundation works with landowners and industry players, as well as public agencies and conservation organizations, to ensure that all stakeholders have a voice, and that collaborations result in positive solutions for humankind and wildlife alike. By serving as a conduit between vastly different land users, the D.M. Wood Foundation catalyzes conservation efficacy, maximizes mitigation dollars and ultimately helps to find a balance between 21st century industry and the rural legacy of North and West Texas. 

For Landowners:
For private ranchers and landowners in North and West Texas, the D.M.  Wood Foundation serves as an experienced consultant. For those impacted by imperiled species legislation, we help navigate the compliance process and match-make cost-share programs with state and federal agencies. Because we receive grant money to cover our costs, we are able to offer our services to private landowners at a greatly reduced rate. By serving as a conduit to secure financial incentives for conservation measures, the foundation guides landowners in the preservation of their lands, their legacies and their livelihoods.

Contact Dorothy Marcille Wood Foundation

Contact Dorothy Marcille Wood Foundation

Laura Wood
3713 Bellaire Drive South
Forth Worth, TX  76109
Phone: 817-716-3963
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