Kansas Forest Service

The Kansas Forest Service is the state forestry agency of Kansas. We serve the citizens and forest industry of the state through our Conservation Tree Planting, Fire Management, Community Forestry, and Rural Forestry programs.

The Kansas Forest Service state office is located in Manhattan, KS, just off the campus of Kansas State University.  Located within the College of Agriculture, in the Department of Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources at Kansas State University, the agency receives its direction from a mission statement that reads:

"Care of Natural Resources and Service To
People Through Forestry"

The Kansas Forest Service consists of a state office and several district offices.  Current state office facilities were constructed in 1968, which house the state forester, program coordinators, statewide specialists, and support staff.  The Rural Fire Shop was constructed in 1975 to assist with federal excess property eventually loaned to rural fire departments across the state.  The Conservation Tree Planting Program Greenhouse was added in 1975.  It produces container-grown evergreen seedlings for sale to landowners as conservation plantings.  A seed production farm and small nursery was established at a site south of Manhattan in 1975 to produce seed from selected tree and shrub varieties for use in the Conservation Tree Planting Program.  In addition, the nursery produces a portion of Eastern red cedar seedlings needed for conservation plantings.  Packaging and shipping of conservation tree and shrub seedlings are handled at the state office.  Several district offices are located throughout the state, manned by District Foresters able to deliver KFS programs to the citizens of Kansas.  The Utilization and Marketing Forester is located in the Northeast District.

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2610 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS  66502
Phone: 785 532 3300
Fax: 785 532 3305
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