Oil and Gas CCAA for the Lesser Prairie Chicken

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The Lesser Prairie Chicken CCAA provides conservation measures for the lesser prairie-chicken for oil and gas activities to be implemented on voluntarily enrolled non-Federal lands throughout the range of the lesser prairie-chicken in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

This CCAA and its associated Enhancement of Survival Permit address the LEPC, which the FWS has proposed to list as threatened under the ESA. If the species is ultimately listed, this CCAA and the associated Permit will authorize incidental take of the LEPC and provide Participants regulatory assurances that so long as they comply with the terms of this CCAA and their CI additional conservation measures above and beyond those contained in the CIs will not be required on the Enrolled Property and that additional land, water, or resource use limitations will not be imposed upon them should the LEPC become listed in the future.

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