Oldham County

The Oldham County Extension is an arm of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, which teaches Texans by extending research-based knowledge to benefit their families and communities. The Extension offers science based information on agriculture, healthy living, and provides educational opportunities through 4-H.

Oldham County is a rural area. 14 ranches, most with absentee landowners, take up 800,000 acres of the county. Drive into Vega, Texas from any direction and you are on historic ground. From the north, you cross land once traversed by Kiowas and Comanche Indians, and settled by pioneers. Old Tascosa which is located on the Boys Ranch campus in north Oldham County lays claim to the wild, wild west with such infamous residents as Billy the Kid. From east or west you track the Spanish explorer Coronado.

Major crops are wheat and grain sorghum. Cattle are also raised in Oldham County.

Contact Oldham County

Contact Oldham County

110 South Main Street
PO Box 380
Vega, TX  79092
Phone: 806-267-2692
Fax: 806-267-0117

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